November 14th, 2010

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Do Schools need ICT?

An army of old monitors awaiting their marching orders for world domination!

Ian Yorston explains in an article why investment in ICT doesn't necessarily pay, an important article with some serious stabs at our heavy investment in expensive virtual learning environments, costly electronic whiteboards, expensive commercial software upgrades and opressive IT departments that work so hard to cripple what can really be done by the end user.

"If you had to spend a million pounds, you'd really hope to have something to show for it. Yet most schools have spent at least that on ICT and get nothing obvious in return — aside from a few hundred PCs running Windows XP and a handful of smart gadgets." 

2010 October - feature: do schools need ICT?
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After reading this, it was interesting to consider the way forward hinted by mLearning, open source and student ownership of the hardware.