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Learning amongst the shepherds

Some interesting discussions are around about the kind of environment we would like to have when schools move towards a 1:1 laptop program. It is curious to see how much interest that there is in tools to regulate and control exactly what students can do on their laptops and what they can see, in effect tightly shepherding their thinking and learning using technology tools to control what could be seen and done on the computer screen. Some research in Australia by Intel was cited that found that this restricted the ability of students to 'own' their learning. They were unable to naturally progress very far as they were being held back by the teacher.

This embraces the current debate that spans the development of self-directed learners and the vertical / horizontal scaffolding we need to put in place to enable this to happen. Already there is general agreement that it is going to be hard to achieve this when we shepherd students along the strictly narrow path of directed learning. A well intentioned and constructivist classroom environment build around 1:1 laptops can be easily subverted with the right technology, strategically placed barriers or rules to recreate just another traditional, chalkboard lesson.

When this happens, put me back next to the camp fire with a stick and some sand.

I think we should articulate our vision first and then do some background reading. I have the greatest confidence in grass root educators that ground their decisions in personal experience and hard research evidence and less in bean counters that crank out fancy websites, brochures, slick charts or slide shows.

Should the curriculum drive the management strategies?
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