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Threads of some important discussions

Recently there have been some interesting discussions on the oz-teachers mailing list about the nature of this Australian list of educators and its longer term future.

I think that there are now so many outlets for social networking, some of the background chatter drops off. It is akin to opening the windows and doors on a closed staff room. The notice board above the coffee urn is still there, just don't expect any this or any one point to be a central store of knowledge, expertise or information. By illustration, my blog posts at have declined to monthly letters whilst twitter and flickr networks have grown

With so much free cloud storage with the great tools to build, share, collaborate in our professional lives with free email, free storage, free publishing. Rules are changing, with staff and students accessing more storage on keys and in clouds than I could hope to provide on a school network. (we just moved the school to Google Apps) No one list or even department of education databank or subject association network can now ever hope to monopolize educational social networking. I enjoy the deep thinking on this list and I often share this back with other networks, raising oz-teachers to supernode status.

Oz-teachers has an ICT flavour but the teachers that built this list were the first to connect to an online computer and very probably the most savvy teachers exploring computer technologies. This is not a bad thing. We should celebrate it as a cultural legacy and historical reality, not an IT hangover.

Whilst the new supermarkets and home delivery services have attracted many new customers, I guess I will still hang around the local oz-teachers fish-and-chip shop for the latest goss and meet my old neighbours .. the very same reason why I am a bit of an oz-conference junki, because it is so cool to meet face-to-face :-)
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