plakboek (plakboek) wrote,

Drupal for Schools

Randy Olwyn wrote an interesting page about Drupal, the software are are using on our school website. I met Randy when he spoke at the QLD QSITE 2009 conference in Brisbane, earlier at NECC 2008 and again at ACEC 2010 with some splendid remote sessions.

He is writing here about his experience with Drupal when he was asked to help with his school district website. It is a good illustration why this was a good software to select from when we were looking about for a content management system to use for our school website.

If you do go down this path, drop me a line if you are looking for somebody to build the server or even to do some of the tweaking to build a style that suits your school as I might be able to help.
Tags: acec2010, drupal, floss, necc08, opensource, website
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