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Blogging in the clouds

There has been some talk on the lists about blogging with Sharepoint, Moodle or Edublogs. Whilst a teacher might only be concerned about tools that work inside schools, consideration should be given to the options that retain student control and owership, long after they graduate and leave school.

With all the space, control and property constraints that a secondary school network imposes on student files, it is going to be harder to justify maintaining access these files. Cloud based education solutions such Diigo for recording bookmarks and blogging with Edublogs have built into them, a mechanism for students to take over control of the service when they leave school. They could then amend the privay settings to increase their public profile and exposure, backup any items or decide to deleting their work entirely.

I am interested to note that Monash University have taken a similar position and allow students to keep their Monash Google Apps email accounts and documents after they graduate, automatically moving them to an alumni category, thus maintaining contact with former students. This is quiet unlike the old email and network accounts I once held that promptly and imediately evaporated, the moment I finished my postgraduate studies and left.

With this post I do not want to rain upon the fun that people are having with the cool collaboration tools they may be currently using within thier school networks. Rather it is my hope and wish that the scope and life for these tools has the potential to span beyond just a few years at school.
"Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it" - Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
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