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Black Saturday

Rain Clouds Mar09
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Last year, following the heat wave that powered the bush fires in Melbourne, we installed some water tanks and waited patiently for the rains. Here is a collection of photographs of the rain clouds that gathered and our 36000L tanks. (click on the slideshow link)

The royal commission into the death of 173 and injury of 414 people during the bushfires of Black Saturday, 7 February 2009 has just handed down its final report. To see the full impact of these fires over the past decade down here, just scroll down and look at the coloured map on this composite png image.

The heat wave even gets its own Wikipedia page with the record breaking temperature numbers.

Amongst other causes, global warming is certainly a contributing factor. Today we just got our notice for preventative cool burning that will be happening around our homes in the hills. With the cool weather, full tanks and rain drizzle, green grass and weeds, it is hard to think that these hills can burn. But they can, and they do.

I hope we can learn all the lessons that need to be learned and implement all the recommendations in the final report
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